Why Everyone Should have Metal Vacuum Water Bottles

This may seem like an unexciting item but it really isn’t! A few months ago I came across these things and now cannot stop recommending them to everyone.

So, why do I love them?

Well, first off I should explain what made me get one in the first place. I am studying Neuroscience at university and we were reviewing a paper on Bisphenol A (BPA), which is basically a chemical contained in all plastics that is extremely harmful to humans, especially affecting fertility. So after finding all this out, and not wanting to become infertile, I decided I wanted to try and use a bit less plastic when it came to the food and water I consumed. Around the same time I was also becoming conscious of how often I was having to buy a plastic water bottles because I kept losing the ones I had. I also noticed how stupidly expensive bottled water is, can be around 2000 time more expensive than tap water. Money being a big concern of mine as a student I decided I would stop buying bottled water. So when I found a metal BPA free water bottle on amazon for £7 which kept my water nice and cold I instantly bought it.

Having used it for a few months now, I give you all the reasons everyone should have one:

1 – They contain no BPA or other harmful chemicals found in plastic.

2 – If you always carry it you wont have to keep paying for bottled water at 2000 times the price of tap water.

3 – Following on from point number 2, there is a new initiative in many shops where they will fill up your bottle of water for free!

4 – They keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot drinks hot for up to 12 hours (this is actually true, tried and tested by me).

5 – Unlike conventional flasks they are very hardy and just dont seem to break.

6 – Last but not least, these bottles stop you using so much plastic which is obviously good for the environment.

So to conclude, if you want to save money and stop buying water, like cold drinks, don’t like harmful chemicals and have about £7 spare I would highly reccomend going out and buying one of these bottles.

A link to an example one of these bottles:



The link to the BPA paper for anyone interested:



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