Learn to Move – series launch


I am going to be releasing a series of posts that follow my journey to performing a set of movements/exercises I believe to be some of the hardest, yet most beneficial for the body. In this series, I will document my journey in learning to Handstand, Front lever, Back Lever, Planche, Back Flip and one arm pull up. These are very difficult exercises and I am by no means close to achieving them but have always wanted to be able to. I will do a post on each movement every week (6 posts a week) detailing how I have been training for it and what my progress has been like.

I will be training for all of these simultaneously, for better or worse, and at the same time be aiming to lose fat primarily through my diet which I will discuss in upcoming posts. The reason I chose these exercises is that I believe they are functional movements that have a large amount of carryover into sports and give you a proportionally strong and healthy body. I recognize that the back flip is not the most functional leg movement and will also be doing squats with them but Included it as I believe it is still a good functional movement and also because I want to know how to do one and may as well share how I do.

The reason I named the series ‘Learn to Move’ is because this is not simply a workout regiment, it is about learning a series of exercises that allow me to move my body through space better and with more control. I have followed and been inspired by people like Ido Portal and Coach Sommer from Gymnastic Bodies who’s ideas I love but their information is ridiculously overpriced and out of reach for most people. So I decided to try to do what they do on my own, if the movements they preach are primal and how humans are meant to move then it shouldn’t be too hard for me ‘another human’ to replicate right?

Another reason I want to become proficient in these exercises is because the only equipment you need it some rings or a pull up bar or a tree, they can be performed anywhere and do not require a gym membership. This is especially important for me because after I finish university I want to travel which will make finding gyms hard and even if I do I’m not a fan of how pricey memberships are.

Each of my exercise specific posts will give you a detailed outline of how I’m training for it and anything else relevant I can think of. I encourage anyone reading this to join me in trying this and see what happens. I welcome people contacting me with comments, feedback and suggestions. If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter (on the about page) you can see when I post to keep track of the journey.

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